Puppy fever. My dream come true.

Any one who knows me, knows that I have ‘Puppy Fever’ like perpetually, forever, it’s never going away. I’m going to end up with 38 dogs and my husband will probably leave me.

Anyways, since yesterday was National Puppy Day… My husband made my dream come true.

Wanna guess? HE GOT ME A PUPPY.

You want to know how I reacted? MENTAL BREAKDOWN.

Me: Still excited but also horrified that I didn’t prepare for this sort of wonderful thing. Don’t get me wrong, I am so so happy but, getting a dog is crazy and requires a lot of thoughts, prayers and maybe some prescription drugs.

Anyways, Meet Miss SCOUT. Our adorable Aussie Mix.

She has THE SWEETEST personality. She is about 10 & a half weeks old and the best craigslist decision anyone could ever make. She’s like to cuddle and is very shy but, we are working on that.

Because I know a lot of you who read this are just like me in the control freak OCD arena… I’m going to give you a break down of everything we had to do before we brought her home.

Find the Right Breed

I’m always doing research on breeds since I’m obsessed with dogs and all that. So I knew that I wanted an Australian Shepherd. They’re loyal, smart and excellent family dogs. However, they are also mischievous and very high energy. Working dogs NEED to be exercised daily.

Tips to help you:

  • Look at your lifestyle.

(Are you active? Do you need a family friendly dog? Will you be leaving it alone for long amounts of time? What is the main purpose for you getting a dog?)

  • Look at where you live.

( Do you have the space? Will you need a yard? Do you have places to walk your dog nearby?)

  • Look at your schedule.

( Do you have the time and energy for that kind of dog? )

These are ALL important factors to take into consideration before even looking for a prospective dog.

Here’s a helpful little quiz to get you started:


Can you afford it?

Dogs are almost more expensive than children. At least for the first couple of months.

When you get a puppy there’s a LOT of maintenance. Lots of ruined carpet, lots of vet visits, lots of shots, lots of toys and beds and collars.

Here’s a list of everything we had to pay for in the first 24 hours:

  • Vet Visit -$49.95
  • Dog Bed- $5.96
  • Dog Crate- $18.86
  • Dog Treats & Toys- $20-35
  • Potty Training Kit- $19.99
  • Food- $20
  • Food bowls- $5
  • Apartment Deposit- $400
  • Collar & Leash – $35
  • Miscellaneous- $30

Not to mention all the shots & check ups they’ll still need. Luckily, our clinic (Kaibab animal hospital) has a “puppy plan” that includes all that for only $30 a month!

So make sure you really have the funds to take care of your new best friend.

Also check out petsmarts Puppy Coupon book:


Are you gonna give it a forever home?

This is my biggest anxiety. There are SO MANY “what ifs” that fly through my brain when I think about this.

Dogs are thinking, feeling animals. I’m 100% sure they feel love and they know when we love them! It’s so important to do whatever you can to make a place for your new dog & to know that you’re going to do everything you can to keep them as part of your home forever.

Obviously, if something happens outside of your control and you have to give up your dog that’s okay. Dogs deserve the best life they can possibly have.

So that’s why we’re getting TWO. (Go Big Or Go Home?)

Meet Our Aussie Corgi mix TUCKER.

We pick him up in April & I can’t wait to make these two adorable dogs have the best life ever!


Tell me, am I missing anything?

What are your best training tips? I would love to hear them!



3 thoughts on “Puppy fever. My dream come true.

  1. What is a potty training kit? Never heard of one of those.
    Socialize. Socialize. Socialize. So important. Expose them to different sounds. Different situations. Kids and other dogs.
    Do you pay $30 every single month? That sounds really expensive.


    1. A kit with everything you need for the mess and training!
      Definitely a good point. We’ll have to find some young kids to hang out with her 😉

      It’s actually not! It covers EVERYTHING. every vet visit, every shot or prescription and all her check ups and any emergencies 😊
      Some of the shots are like $50 a pop and for the first six months they’re getting them almost twice a month.


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